What is the correct way to adjust the watch calendar?

The correct adjustment method of the calendar puts all the functions of the head. Most of them divide the head into three gears, the initial state (top gear), function adjustment gear, and time adjustment gear. If it is a threaded handle, it is necessary to unscrew the thread (unscrew according to the direction of the thread mouth) to pull the gear.
The conversion of the size of the month and the adjustment of the watch calendar. The calendar window of the watch is displayed by numbers 1-31 days. When encountering a small month, the watch still displays the number 31 by default, so we found that the calendar is delayed by one day at the beginning of the month. Adjust the gear of the calendar out of the second gear (turn the crown forward or backward.
It depends on the watch movement setting method) or log out of the third gear and turn clockwise for 24 hours, so that the date is adjusted by the number 31. Non-restricted zone time can also be adjusted directly by dialing the calendar file. After the men mechanical watch stops, how to adjust through the combination of calendar gear and time to adjust. Please adjust the calendar to avoid the time in the restricted area. The mechanical sports watch movements have different styles. There may be differences in the adjustment methods. Adjusting the watch with calendar function needs to consider the morning and afternoon factors. Why does the calendar jump to the correct date at noon? If you encounter such a situation, it means that your watch time is 12 hours slower, and you can turn it clockwise for 12 hours.