Watches are not IQ taxes. Excessive maintenance and repairs are IQ taxes!

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  • May 6, 2020
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People often ask me if the men ’s watch is an IQ tax. I have clearly stated that when you are still on the food and clothing line, any product that exceeds your income and consumption capacity will be considered an IQ tax. Such as jade, diamonds, watches and even luxury cars. However, if your quality of life is good, wearing a good watch can show your identity just like other conceptual products.


Because you can’t always put a ten-jin gold chain across your waist to prove that your career is in an ascending period. In the watch circle, there are often some players who have just talked about the watch for a year or two, and they will tell you that you must buy a watch with a self-made movement. How exquisite and superior the self-produced movement is. People who basically say such things generally have n’t bought a watch. Because they have never experienced the maintenance and repair of watches. Mechanical watches are highly respected mainly because they are easily broken. In fact, quartz watches can be made very luxurious in addition to being accurate and durable, and they are very expensive to sell. But this is not conducive to the development of the entire industry chain.


You think if the mechanical watches you buy are hard to break, how many people will lose their jobs in this industry. The reason why mechanical watches are respected is because the entire industrial chain can benefit from brand owners to accessory manufacturers, movement manufacturers, sales personnel and subsequent maintenance personnel. Therefore, people in the entire industry will say it is good.