Vacheron Constantin is definitely the most complicated watch on the planet


Whenever you put three Vacheron Constantin master watchmakers to operate on the task for eight years, you are able to wager the end result is going to be complicated. This past year, TimeCaptain did an intro into watch complications, where he mentions the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 because the most complicated watch, featuring 36 complications. The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 using its 57 complications exceeds undoubtedly any super-complicated watch seen before. Not only due to the amount of features, but additionally due to it introduces unique complications developed and designed with this watch, like the utilization of multiple calendars as well as a dual retrograde rattrapante chronograph. To suit everything together, the more “trivial” complications needed to be reinterpreted and remodeled, for that finished watch to become harmonious in general.


The situation, constructed from 18k white gold or platinum is 98 mm across and it is 50’55 mm thick, includes a three-position winding crown with corresponding indication window around the situation band to exhibit the positioning of the crown throughout winding or setting.

Both sides from the watch includes a dial made from solid silver, as the rotating dvds for that shows are constructed with aluminum in order to be light and wish less energy to maneuver. The meantime dial is of regulator style, exhibiting the hrs, minutes and seconds on separate chapter rings, a design based on precision regulator clocks utilized in observatories and labs.


Let’s have a look at a few of the complications present about this watch.

Hebraic Perpetual Calendar

Besides a Gregorian perpetual calendar, the Vacheron Constantin 57260 also includes a 19-year cycle Hebrew Perpetual Calendar. Because of the lengthy-term altering cycles from the Hebraic calendar and it is difference in the Gregorian calendar; this complication has not been attempted before. It needed fixing a very-complicated mathematical problem mixing both lunar several weeks and also the photo voltaic year, and controlling to find away out to show it within an simple and easy , elegant way.


The Hebraic perpetual calendar creates the key from the 19-year Metonic cycle because 19 years is nearly the multiple from the photo voltaic year and lunar month over that time. About this watch the Metonic cycle (also known as Golden number) is displayed like a sector at 3 o’clock concentric using the chronograph hour register. Yom Kippur suggested for the Gregorian calendar every year, symbolized through the corresponding retrograde hands at 6 o’clock, which returns to the beginning point every 19 years, after which the sphere is changed for an additional for each one of the 19 years cycles.

To help keep the 12-month lunar year in pace using the photo voltaic year, a thirteenth leap-month is added seven occasions throughout the 19-year cycle. The timepiece can have its owner when the current year is really a a 12 or 13-month year with an indicator hands and 12/13 display situated concentric using the chronograph minute register and counter submit the 9 o’clock position.

Double Retrograde Rattrapante Chronograph


This is actually the first watch possess a rattrapante chronograph with double retrograde action. It’s read just like any other moment chronograph, what sets it apart is always that the 2 hands never meet. They work on two separate scales around the opposing sides from the dial.



The timepiece offers three striking modes:

1. Striking – the timepiece chimes each and every passing quarter hour in the same manner because the “Big Ben” working in London.

2. Evening-Time Silence – a distinctive feature that hinders the chime between 10 pm and eight am

3. Silence – the chiming is switched of when it’s not preferred.

Armillary Sphere Tourbillon


Not quite a complication, however the tourbillon cage about this piece is spectacular. They referred to it as Armillary Sphere Tourbillon, because aesthetically it’s similar to the circles and rings from the scientific instrument referred to as armillary sphere. Put into the 2nd dial, near the astronomical functions, it indicates the apparent movement from the stars, the sun’s rays and also the ecliptic round the earth. The frame from the cage itself, made from ultra-light aluminum, includes the Vacheron Constantin company symbol, the Maltese Mix, which becomes fully visible once every just a few seconds, throughout the tourbillon’s rotation.