The timeless and practical Tudor watch is very good

Tudor watches and Classic are perfect for special occasions or for daily wear. Below are some of the men’s watches to consider.

Pure, simple, classy. The Tudor Classic isn’t one to be overlooked.

With a steel casing that is polished, the Tudor Classic gives an air of elegance with its bracelet that features a folding steel grip. The index markings are inscribed upon the dial that’s covered by a glass. The simple yet elegant display of the day and date of the Tudor Classic reiterates the headline — where less is more. The watch also offers a power reserve.

Why you need to find this: The Tudor Classic has that no-nonsense style which goes well with everything in your wardrobe.


Tudor Fastrider Chrono
The Tudor Fastrider Chrono has been the brainchild of a collaboration involving Tudor and Ducati that started in 2011. The result was a chronograph with traces of sportiness as well as Ducati’s sexiness.

Within this all-dark iteration, the watch gives the fashionable watch lover with a refreshing choice. Evoking mystery, power and sophistication, the Tudor Fastrider Chrono dramatically changes style and the wearer’s mood. Powered by a 4Hz automatic movement with 46 hours of energy reserve, the rhythmic clockwork movements carry a sense of stability.


Much this view matches the individual that is grounded and sophisticated.

Why you should find this: The Tudor Fastrider Chrono is ideal for the chronograph enthusiast who prefers to dwell in the fast lane.

The Tudor 1926 is one of the brand’s creations which caters to each individual’s style and taste. Published in 1926, Tudor and all fashion stereotypes fight off throughout that era to have the ability to strike a balance between the formal and the rugged.


Made to match the suit as well the dirt-clad work overalls, the Tudor 1926 meant business. Its textured dial looks like the’honeycomb dials’ popular with all the 1950’s Rolex watches. It made it feasible to leave the workshop of one, shave before heading into some fancy evening affair in style, and suit up –all without changing the watch of one.

Why you need to get this: The Tudor 1926 is fantastic for the young urban professional who doesn’t mind to sometimes’get down and dirty’.