The First Man’s Watch Of Chanel-Monsieur De Chanel

Front of Monsieur De Chanel man's watch

After nearly two decades of pampering women with fine watchmaking, Chanel has decided to open shop for men with fine, Swiss craftsmanship. Monsieur de Chanel debuts as Chanel’s first watch for men, after serving the ladies since 1987. Front of Monsieur De Chanel man's watch 02
This was no impromptu plan. It was well-thought of, planned, strategized, and executed over a span of some six to seven years. In 2011, Chanel, in stealth from the prying eyes of the media, met up with Romain Gauthier – ‘a highly-regarded independent Swiss watchmaker. The former acquired a stake in the latter. Then over a span of five years, a team of skilled craftsmen and designers under the supervision of Nicolas Beau, international watch director at Chanel, crafted the simple yet elegant Monsieur within the brand’s assembly plant in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.Side of Monsieur De Chanel man's watch
The Calibre 1 timepiece is made up of 170 components and has a manual winding mechanical movement. While Gauthier custom-machined and decorated the components including gears, pinions, shafts, the balance wheel and the spring barrel’s drum and lid; the gold case is a product from Châtelain, another Swiss gem which Chanel acquired in 1993. Monsieur De Chanel man's watch caseback