The Chanel Boy.Friend watch is finally in town review

The Boy.Friend watch is now available at Chanel watch and nice jewelry stores worldwide. Reliable, masculine and always on time, this new collection of Chanel watches plays on the tendency of girls borrowing things from their boyfriends. Believe BF jeans with their relaxed match or snuggling up in a generous cashmere sweater and you’ll begin to get the picture.
Hardly a recent happening, forward-thinking designer Gabrielle Chanel snubbed the apparel codes of her afternoon by blending comfortable garments taken from men’s wardrobes with feminine touches. “In order to be irreplaceable, an individual must always be distinct,” claimed the famed Parisian designer, often matching men’s baggy flannel trousers with a tight-fitting black top, offset with reams of pearls. Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn were also fans of the masculine trouser look, which became synonymous with all independent, intelligent girls who dared to be different.

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The Boy.Friend view collection was designed in a similar spirit by coupling its large and handsome manly case with all the female warmth of gold and diamonds. The instance is taken out of Chanel’s Première view collection – the brand’s first women watch published in 1987. The same as the stopper on Chanel’s revolutionary Nº5 bottle of perfume, introduced in 1921, the clean-cut geometry of the Première line was inspired by Coco’s beloved Position Vendôme using its octagonal perimeter.
Indulged in either beige gold – an exclusive Chanel alloy honouring Coco’s love of the colour crimson – or gold cases, the stepped bezel and canted corners soften the profile and frame the sleek dial using its recessed guilloché finish and chic elegance.
Two sizes are available – the bigger XL model steps 28.60 x 37mm and can be equipped with a mechanical manual-winding Swiss movement and a small seconds counter, while the moderate model measuring 26.70 x 34.60mm includes a small date window at 6 o’clock and a maintenance-free quartz motion – perfect for women who can not always remember to finish their view on a regular basis.
The one thing I haven’t understood about this Chanel watch is the complete prevent separating the words Boy and Friend. The last I heard, there were no copyright problems with the word’boyfriend’. However, whatever the reasoning behind the name, I do know that this assortment of Chanel watches will endure well and end up being faithful companions for a long time to come. Just do not get upset if she asks you for a new boyfriend for Christmas!