The birth of the first quartz watch in the 60s

Serious blow into the Swiss watchmaking industry was struck in 1969 when Seiko introduced the first quartz wristwatch into the Tokyo market named 35 SQ Astron, in limited edition of 100 items at a price than equaled the cost of a Japanese vehicle.
Piezoelectric properties of quartz crystals were already found by Jacques and Pierre Curie in 1880.

Quartz watches
First prototypes of electronic quartz wristwatch were produced in the CEH research laboratory (Centre Electronique Horologer) in Neuchâtel.

Regardless of how the model of quartz wristwatch was developed in Switzerland, commercial production began two years after in a faraway Japan. Seiko Astron had a crystal quartz oscillator, hybrid and a mini motor that ran the dial.


Its death from exact period was just a minute per year. Modern quartz mechanics are created in vast quantities and the least expensive watches regularly have a granite staircase.