That Sapphire sandwich it’s!

Hey People,
I had been aware of the Hesalite vs Sapphire and the white ring etc.. .
Dare I mention that I never discovered that the ring until somebody said that… I noticed that each the sapphire crystals have some form of white ring which is more conspicuous on the speedy due to the boxy design.

Sapphire sandwich
I chose to go with the Sapphire model as it’s my everyday driver later selling all my Rolexes and trimming the collection and that I will sound just a tiny bit like a klutz but I love the additional flashiness and prestige seem the sapphire brings into the watch, in addition to the excess resistance along with the fact that the dial appears flat rather than distorted.
I understand, I will earn a good deal of purists mad, but I find that the sapphire to operate really nicely with a quick. In all honesty, if the version was provided with a ceramic bezel to, then I would be all over it, in addition to an adjustable grip and an updated movement. I just believe the design of this Speedmaster and the heritage and history is among the finest if not the very best in the company. The plan is by a lot more attractive to me compared to Daytona for instance.

But , I was somewhat bored in the home (COVID and ****) and began reading about the hesalite vs the sapphire and watched every one the purists stating just how much the hesalite crystal is the only thing to do, and when they are likely to be predicted by NASA to visit the moon tomorrow they will be prepared, etc .
I began buying into this, it began bothering me mine would be the sapphire model, when NASA calls me I will not be all set for the interstellar experience, what did I do, what a mistake.

nice Sapphire sandwich
I had been convinced that I’m likely to purchase the hesalite and market my sapphire variant.
Then I rememberedI did look at the 2 watches at the store, I’d know about the ring, I’d understand about the rest of the factors but I discovered that the sapphire looks great in my own eyes and that I like having the premium material together with the excess flashiness (klutz). And (better), I got out the home and appreciated my sapphire sandwich at the actual world and forgot about watches for just a little.

good Sapphire sandwich
Over this, again it will upset a good deal of individuals, so brace yourself that I believe that the sapphire really works better using the incremental changes the speedy has observed over the years like: a contemporary good bracelet that’s somewhat a bit brassy, the superluminova (remains white and does not era – gives it a much modern appearance ), for quite a while now, but the dial isn’t stepped anymore that provides it more modern appearance.
I wouldn’t ever set a sapphire crystal onto a 68′ model with a wonderful patina stepped dialup, but it’s a completely different appearance to me.
The moral of this story for me personally, is that I must hear my own guts and my ideas rather than read purist’s opinions on the internet that will convert me to feel that is the ideal response. I can not say that it is the first time it occurs to me and that is what with groups and forums – we are all trying to establish we’re correct.