RESSENCE E-CROWN TYPE 2 CONCEPT watch brand knowledge

Ressence is ongoing to make watches with new technologies. For SIHH 2018, the fabrication has released the Form 2 E-Crown Concept. This combines the present world and the watches that are innovative. Type 2 E-Crown The brand has obtained a staple in watchmaking re-configured and design and engineered it. We’re talking about the crown, originally invented in 1842 by Adrien Philippe, allowing a watch to be wound rather than put with a key. It took 176 years to this concept that was re-design to get a new, and in 2018 Ressence introduced their e-Crown technology.
Electro-Mechanical System at Watchmaking The E-crown is an embedded platform interfacing the base motion with the in-house ROCS module. It’s uniquely designed not to interfere from the barrel. The traditional crown is replaced with this new development. The E-Crown itself is composed of 87 parts. Each piece has to be small and low-power consuming. Thanks to the unique design and components, this system just requires 1.8 joules of energy per day. Touch Controlled watch Ressence generates the ultimate user convenience with its E-Crown. The system is triggered and controlled by tapping on the glass of your watch, offering a fresh experience.
The timing itself is placed through the caseback lever, similar to other Ressence models. This time then becomes the reference time for adjustments setting and future observation. As indicated on the dial by the hands the watch self-regulates at least one time per day. The disk positions will be adjusted if necessary and as long as the movement is currently running. When the watch is not on the wrist, the movement stops. When back to the wrist, the E-Crown places itself into sleep mode and will wake up. Do not worry thoughthe E-Crown will also then automatically set the watch to the right time, based on the moment. Thanks to the uniqueness of this watch, the technologies also allows the wearer enroll and to place many timezones.