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Men’s Fashion Watches 2020

May 14, 2020

Men’s Fashion mechanical Watches… You could walk up to most men on the street and they would swear that they didn’t follow a particular trend. However, when you delve into their wardrobes and find their ripped jeans, fashion tee’s and up to date denim jackets you can see that there is a style trend that […]

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Which brand is good for men’s watches? Seiko forging is unique

May 12, 2020

Which brand is good for men’s watches? Seiko forging is unique Is not just the design, the configuration of the large calendar table of the Mido Commander series is also quite remarkable. The polished anthracite PVD stainless steel case with sapphire glass mirror is “tough” and very wear-resistant. Its pointer is designed with care, and […]

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What is the correct way to adjust the watch calendar?

May 11, 2020

The correct adjustment method of the calendar puts all the functions of the head. Most of them divide the head into three gears, the initial state (top gear), function adjustment gear, and time adjustment gear. If it is a threaded handle, it is necessary to unscrew the thread (unscrew according to the direction of the […]

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Men have a soft spot for watches

May 9, 2020

In the field of luxury consumption, men and women are also comparable, mostly due to the existence of watches. Compared with men’s soft spot for watches, women’s passion for fashion and luxury goods is like a post-modern “enclosure movement”. Because “a woman has no confidence in her own vision and her skin, and nothing that […]

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Why is the maintenance cost of watches so expensive? Take everyone to know!

May 8, 2020

We all know that no matter how good the quality of the mechanical watch may be, even if it is completely out of condition, it needs to be maintained for a few years, then this time the watch repair is very important. Watch repairs are really not cheap, especially for the big Swiss brand watches, […]

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Watches are not IQ taxes. Excessive maintenance and repairs are IQ taxes!

May 6, 2020

People often ask me if the men ’s watch is an IQ tax. I have clearly stated that when you are still on the food and clothing line, any product that exceeds your income and consumption capacity will be considered an IQ tax. Such as jade, diamonds, watches and even luxury cars. However, if your […]

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Watches need regular maintenance and repair

May 4, 2020

First of all, we must understand the truth: regular maintenance is an important task to extend the life of supplies and reflect their value. No matter how good things need maintenance, the better things need maintenance. Watches are precision instruments. There are hundreds of large and small parts within a square inch. The unique complex […]

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Principles of time adjustment for mechanical watches

May 3, 2020

The design of the watch is an important element to measure whether a watch is popular. The appearance of the watch mainly includes the case, mirror, strap, etc. At the same time, high-end watches also pay great attention to the materials of the appearance parts used, because all kinds of materials will Reflect different textures […]

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Simple Wedge-shaped Hour Of Reef Tgier Liberty RT4101 Movement Watch

March 3, 2017

RT4101 movement Whether in the busy city or in the leisure countryside, freedom is the eternal pursuit of people. Spirit Of Leberty, which integrates the leberal spirit and precision Swiss watchmaking technology, is another tribute of Reef Tgier to freedom. Design concept 1.Big face design The case of the watch is elegant, 41mm large size […]

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The Classic and Timeless Model Of Reef Tiger Artist Constant Automatic Men’s Watch

March 1, 2017

The inspiration of Artist Constant came from the industrial revolution of the 18th, expressing its exploration and relentless pursuit of watchmaking technology, the watch can be called the classic and timeless model of Reef Tiger. Design hightlight 1.Classic elegant case The case adopts the classical aesthetic elements, its bezel and case are separated, lugs extend […]

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