Principles of time adjustment for mechanical watches

The design of the watch is an important element to measure whether a watch is popular. The appearance of the watch mainly includes the case, mirror, strap, etc. At the same time, high-end watches also pay great attention to the materials of the appearance parts used, because all kinds of materials will Reflect different textures and values.
Mechanical watches must be worn frequently to maintain power. If they are at rest because they have not been worn for a long time, they need to be re-commissioned, and the operation must be more careful to avoid causing gear failures. The internal parts of the watch cannot be operated normally. Maintenance can reduce a lot of maintenance costs.
Principles of mens gold watch adjustment time: the mechanical watch will not be used for a long period of time, and the mainspring of the mechanical watch will be relaxed until the watch is still. At this time, if you want to wear it again, you must first rewind it. Re-calibration time, generally the mechanical watch will show that the hour and minute hands are slowing down or faster at the moment when the mainspring is at its loosest. Because of this, you should wind up the mainspring first so that there is no standard power-driven pointer after the calibration time Even if it is a semi-automatic winding watch, you should first manually refining it to eight minutes, and then perform time calibration.