Men’s Fashion Watches 2020

Men’s Fashion mechanical Watches… You could walk up to most men on the street and they would swear that they didn’t follow a particular trend. However, when you delve into their wardrobes and find their ripped jeans, fashion tee’s and up to date denim jackets you can see that there is a style trend that they warm to.
Vertical Stripes can be coordinated with a selection of different looks as well as different occasions which means you can style vertical stripes with a shirt and tie or with casual jeans for an informal occasion. As with most fashion trends and styles it is how you accessorise that really completes a look therefore we have picked out two watches which will fit right in to this fashion trend.
Firstly we have a handsome mens watch from Thomas Sabo, their men’s Rebel Spirit Chronograph watch which combines the soft touch of silver with a bold black. The vertical stripes are found on the strap of this watch and would be well suited to the business man who is looking for new ways to include fashion into his work style. The second watch which will look killer with this fashion trend is Panzera’s Aquamarine 45 Pacific Dusk which is in the bold colours red and black- certainly a watch to choose if you are one who likes to stand out. It is actually a watch made for ocean explorers, so if you fit the category, you can explore in style.