Men have a soft spot for watches

In the field of luxury consumption, men and women are also comparable, mostly due to the existence of watches. Compared with men’s soft spot for watches, women’s passion for fashion and luxury goods is like a post-modern “enclosure movement”.


Because “a woman has no confidence in her own vision and her skin, and nothing that belongs to her can bring her confidence at all”, so women’s desire for fashion and luxury that can bring her confidence is endless. Men are just the opposite. Their focus on watches stems from the worship and affirmation of self-when choosing a men ’s watch, they only believe in their own vision.


When they have the watch they desire, they can always wear it … … 5 years, 10 years, even a lifetime … Men love watches, because sports watches mean hard-won. Although today’s world is wonderful, it is also dangerous and annoying. In men’s lives, there is no so-called “gorgeous turn around”, nor “smile, let the past go with the wind”, all they have-wealth, status, honor, are inseparable from the accumulation of time.