I-Gucci Watch-Fashion Gucci Sports Watch

I-Gucci Watch-Fashion Gucci Sports Watch

The i-Gucci watch is a watch made in Gucci.This watch is popular with fashion guys and sports man.

The i-Gucci watch is case with PVD black. The pusher design consists of a rubberized ring around the entire case. The strap design is a bit strange with the strap being cut and then reattached with the metal pieces.Over the dial is an AR coated sapphire crystal, which is nice. The case is only water resistant to 50 meters. I-Gucci Watch-Fashion Gucci Sports Watch

The i-Gucci Sport has a surprisingly rich feature set. The default screen has two time zones and the date. You can swap out the date for a seconds display. You also have the reference city of your current time and a local time below.I-Gucci Watch-Fashion Gucci Sports Watch

Gucci designed the digital screen to fit in a round space as best as is possible. This required Gucci to get creative with the layout and look of the dial. This has the central two numbers of the time larger than the outer numbers.I-Gucci Watch-Fashion Gucci Sports Watch

Besides, the i-Gucci Sport contains two chronographs, a digital tachymeter, countdown timer, alarm, regatta timer, and oddly enough – a pedometer. All in all,the i-Gucci is not a bad watch.