History of the first bronze watch

In 1984, Gerald Genta received a request . They needed a watch for its Big Five game hunt in Africa. The new version, called Gefica, obtained its name. They have been Geoffroy, Fissore, and Canali. The brand new timepiece features a moon phase complication along with a compass. Aside from these, it was made out of bronze. Because it didn’t reflect sunlight, genta decided that material. This offers concealment was additional by the wearers when.
Function was not only covered by the metal, but it also coated form. The material enables the watch to develop a patina. Like a set of aged jeans, the Gefica will change color based on the wearer’s lifestyle. No Gefica watch will age the same. That is why this is the type of watch which will adapt and grow with the owner. Every scratch and every discoluration on it tells a story. Mickey Mouse watch made by Gerald Genta The Happiest Watch on Earth Gerald Genta was not one to shy away from animation characters. During the’80s, he obtained a licence. This enabled him to integrate Disney icons such as Mickey Mouse.
This timepiece features the iconic mouse in the middle. What’s more, it uses the character’s hands to point the hour and minutes. The collection was place by genta in an 18K gold casing. Character is Essential We have our very own inspirations. And about Genta’s, we heard in an interview with Evelyne Genta. Our guess would be before he developed his own fashion, that he seemed at various watch designs. This wasn’t the case. According to his wife, Gerald Genta did not appear in other people’s watches. He looked at nature. You can observe this in the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus. Both were motivated by the sea.