Gucci G-Timeless Sport Collection Hands On

Gucci G-Timeless Sport watches 02

Gucci as a famous luxury brand,it creat lots of creative accessories,including the watches.I think all ladies love a nice Gucci timepiece. For men they have had an interesting and slightly avant garde collection of watches over the years.Gucci G-Timeless Sport watches 01

The G-Timeless Sport is a dive style watch with 100 meters of water resistance. That is just enough for the “Sport” part of the name to apply. The case is in steel being 44m wide, and there is a PVD black version as well. As a diver style piece it does have a rotating timing bezel and easy to read dial, as well as an AR coated sapphire crystal. Plus, according to Gucci the colored hour markers and hands are done in colored SuperLumiNova.Gucci G-Timeless Sport watches 03

The G-Timeless Sport watch dials look like a collaboration between a traditional Rolex Submariner and a Gucci handbag. It does actually work in the end though the hands are too short – but not so short as to kill the design. I am pretty sure “Gucci Sport” is also a perfume collection. If not, then maybe it should be and could be part of the packaging. Think about it. You get a brand new G-Timeless Sport, and when you open the box you pull the timepiece out of a pool of Gucci Sport fragrance. Not only does the watch prove itself as a diver, but it retains the scent of Italian musk for at least a week or two. Gucci G-Timeless Sport watches 04