Gorgeous Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle Watch With Blue Dial

Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle 01

Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle watch is inspired by the celestial sphere, the vast ocean littered with stars, it case with a blue dial set in diamonds.

The first aviators used visual navigation, based on observations of the sun. When night fell, it was the stars’ turn to guide their aeroplanes. The BR S Diamond Eagle pays tribute to the night skies that have always aided and fascinated pilots. Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle 02
The BR S Diamond Eagle features the iconic round dial set in a gentle square, and brings together a whole host of details to evoke the celestial, such as the midnight blue dial, the gleaming metal indices that pierce the darkness, and the seven diamonds that evoke the scintillating stars. Together, they form a mini Milky Way encapsulated in a watch.

The stones are set into the dial in the pattern of the Aquila constellation, named for Jupiter’s eagle. This legendary cluster of stars is easily visible from the earth. The size of the diamonds and their brilliance is a perfect rendering of this celestial group. Bell & Ross wished to lend its new watch the spectacular strength of the eagle, a legendary bird that soars to symbolic heights. These include its association with Jupiter, god of the sky. It is not surprising that this majestic bird is deemed the king of the skies, the lion of its own domain. Its imposing wingspan invokes power and control.Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle dial
With its constellation of diamonds and faceted indices, the studded dial of the BR S Diamond Eagle uses the watchmaker’s art to create its celestial display. The refined midnight blue dial features a sunray pattern, testament to the brand’s in-house expertise, characterised by tiny lines radiating outwards like sunbeams. The dial is then covered in a blue-tinted varnish, which gives it an exquisite depth.

The time display is easy to read indicated by two slim hands with a streamlined design. Any woman contemplating this delicate watch will be immediately transported to the skies, as if in a dream. The dial is an aeroplane porthole through which she can admire the stunning night sky. The case comes from the BR family, created in 2005, upon which the brand’s reputation was built. It features, as it always has, the signature form of this icon -the circle within a square. Machined from steel, it is alternately polished and satin-finished to create a visual contrast between the bezel and the case, and is water-resistant to 100 meters.