Dior at Harrods


An invite for mid-day tea at Harrods showed up within my Mailbox. “How remarkably civilized!” I stated to myself. Within two nano seconds, I sent an e-mail accepting the invite.

I’m a guy of humble roots, becoming an adult inside a Lancashire village bathed in industrial smog. However, for much inexplicable reason, I’ve always searched for the finer things in existence. A definite insufficient pecuniary facility has avoided my desires from being sated. But nonetheless, I’ve created a discerning nose, searching for individuals products or services made without compromise.

Across la Manche, Paris provides a haven for artistic temperaments to flourish and comely masterpieces manifest.

Christian Dior is symbolic of high fashion. Dresses ingrained with peerless Parisian finesse have demonstrated well-liked by the truly amazing and good.


An incredible exhibition exhibiting many exquisite couture dresses demonstrated an amazing spectacle even going to this most heterosexual, alpha male. The truth stitching, the flowing lines, the cautious fusion of color and texture, all was proof of the prowess from the legendary Maison.

A blue evening dress produced for that late Princess Diana was simply beautiful. Its elegant lines and eloquent expression of womanliness, wonderfully taken the personality of their individual. Irrrve never saw Princess Diana personally, but it’s whenever you admire this dress, that you simply appreciate she was fortunate with noble height and statuesque proportion.

An outfit once worn by Katherine Hepburn seemed to be displayed, I had been aghast at how big the gown and marveled in the diminutive waistline. They must happen to be fortunate most abundant in petite form.


The exhibition was available to everyone and admission totally free. Exhibits were given to a matchless standard, worth the Dior title and proof of the improved excellence of selling at Harrods.

Admirably impressed in the delights from the exhibition, the sale of mid-day tea beckoned. Christian Dior was clearly a gifted individual because he not just had a watch for design, but seemed to be a consummate prepare. His prowess wasn’t limited to high fashion but haute cuisine too. Indeed, Monsieur Dior’s recipe book was released in 1972, La Cuisine Cousu-Primary.


Additionally towards the exhibition, Harrods produced a pop-up Dior Café. However, there is little proof of temporary status, the designed dining experience taken Parisian Savoire Faire and combined it having a hint of British hospitable charm.

Most of the quality recipes in the aforementioned book were readily available for the delectation of diners. Black truffle omelette having a outfitted salad, filet of dover sole “à la Meunière” were just two mouthwatering special treats to induce salivation in individuals who visited the Dior Café at Harrods. However, as my rotund appearance attests, it had been in France they pastries which triggered my pupils to dilate.


The Dior experience was finished with a foray in to the third constituent of the triumvirate of high existence, haute horology. The Dior VIII Grand BAL Pièce Unique Harrods Exclusive Edition symbolized the climax of my trip to the legendary mall in Knightsbridge.

The dial

Gold faceted hour and minute hands impart the night time hour when all debutants of excellent virtue must have upon the market for their chamber.

Dior has taken the motion of the swirling ball gown having a bejewelled oscillating weight center-stage. Not basically for adornment, the rotor is completely functional and energises the primary spring. However, it’s captivating form comes thanks to the malachite, chrysoprase, chrysocolla, zoisite, variscite, tsavorite garnets, sapphires and amethysts. The inventory of gems is impressive and offers a marvelous 3d allure.

The tsavorite garnet snow-set dial is presented on eco-friendly tinted titanium. It possesses a charming canvas for indicating time.

The situation


The situation is created in black high-tech ceramic and gold.

Baguette-cut tsavorite garnets are presented inside the gold bezel. Their elongated form, leads the attention for the center from the dial and also the information presented.

Gold is utilized for that crown. It’s wonderfully embellished having a rose-cut gemstone, reinforcing the indulgent and splendid character from the watch.

The caseback includes a tinted azure very, matching the black shade of the caseband and lugs, but giving a look at the movement within.

The movement


A self-winding movement bestows convenience for individual’s ladies with hectic life styles. The “Dior Inversé 11?” calibre includes a 42-hour energy reserve.

The movement doesn’t avoid finissage towards style. There’s much merit to become observed using the “Dior Inversé 11?” calibre”. Cites p Genève features on bridge work and perlage seems around the mainplate.

Close study of the constituents inside the movement discloses sunray-decoration on wheels and snailing around the barrel cover.



The Dior VIII Grand BAL Pièce Unique Harrods Exclusive Edition blends sublime style with wonderful mechanical virtue.

Once more, Dior effectively demonstrates our prime existence, superbly mixing facets of haute joaillerie with haute horology.