A Watch Filters Can Interchange-Welder K26

A Watch Filters Can Interchange-Welder K26Welder seeks to be a fashionable and less expensive alternative to some of the other players. Most of their watches have quartz movements.This Welder watch K26 is a bit new to the watch game offering arguably more modern looking large watches  The Welder K26 line of watches has a number of different designs in chronograph... Read More »

The Diablo Series Watch-Welder

The Diablo Series Watch-WelderThe Designer Italo Fontana is the designer and he created a new line called WELDER. Some initial impressions of the watch is that the edges and corners may be a bit sharp and uncomfortable for the wrist. A closer look will reveal the soft curvature of the case to conform to your wrist AND that the corners... Read More »

Welder K24: a Macho Watch out for Macho Males

Welder K24: a Macho Watch out for Macho MalesBeing this type of tech geek, I’ve got an inclination to gravitate towards digital watches. But every now and then I’ll stumble onto an analog that catches my attention. Created by Italo Fontana, the Welder K24 is all about as macho searching a wrist watch as you’ll find. This chunky watch won’t win any honours... Read More »