Bremont Jaguar MKIII 18k White Gold Automatic Movement

Side of Bremont Jaguar MKIII 02

In 2014, Bremont unveiled a limited edition version of the Jaguar MKI which kicked-off this collection, known as the “Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer,” that went with a very exclusive set of newly produced Jaguar Lightweight E-Type cars that were supposed to have been completed in the early 1960s. This year, Bremont updated the watch,Bremont Jaguar MKIII have a slightly slimmer case and a simpler three-hand automatic movement.Front of Bremont Jaguar MKIII

The MKII was a two-register chronograph and now the Bremont Jaguar MKIII offers the same dial inspired by the dashboard of an original Jaguar E-Type with a three-hand dial that has central hands for the hours, minutes, and seconds. The Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch also has a date window, as did the Bremont Jaguar MKI, but interestingly enough the initial limited edition Lightweight E-Type Chronometer did not. More so, the movement in the MKI is a lot more exclusive, but also several times more expensive as a result.Side of Bremont Jaguar MKIII 02

Bremont Jaguar MKIII comes in a 43mm-wide hardened steel case. The Bremont Jaguar MKIII is also a bit slimmer than the other Bremont Jaguar watches at 13.85mm thick, which gives it a more sleek profile on the wrist. The case has a domed sapphire crystal over the dial and is water resistant to 100 meters.Side of Bremont Jaguar MKIII
Inside of the Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch is a base Swiss ETA movement regulated and modified by Bremont as the caliber BE-36AE which operates at 4Hz with a 38-hour power reserve – it is a movement you’ll find in some other Bremont watches. The movement has been tested at COSC and given a Chronometer certification. As a more basic model, the Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch has a solid caseback with a vintage-style Jaguar car logo and an “E-Type” label to remind wearers in the future what specific car inspired the design of the watch. This is important, in my opinion, as I think watchmakers should build in more elements into their “themed watches” that allow future generations to know what those items were all about.Bremont Jaguar MKIII caseback
While these are clearly dual-branded watches with both the Bremont and Jaguar names on the dial, the inspiration is the vintage world of Jaguar cars rather than the modern world of what Jaguar produces.